Website Content and SEO Tips

Here's a few tips for content on your website.  Come back often, we will be adding more website tips soon.

Website Content Tips

Set up an e-mail Newsletter programSet up an e-mail Newsletter program

Create an incentive for visitors to register or give you their e-mail addresses. Give away something that the targeted audience would perceive as value for their exchange of personal information, like a prize or discount for consumers or a white paper for business-to-business clients. Once you have addresses, send out useful newsletters and promotional e-mails. Click below to find out about custom designed html newsletters and promotional e-mails by Another Time Designs.

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Create an online Reward for prized customers

Treat your best customers with distinctive perks or discounts. You can give them their own area of the site without any special technology. You can also e-mail special offers.

Invite your clients and customers to Join the ConversationAdd Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links to your website.

Invite your clients and customers to Join the Conversation by adding links to your Social Networking accounts. 

Step up your Facebook Fan Page presence by adding a Custom Fan Page to your Facebook account.  Find out more here.

Speed loading time

In the beginning, fancy graphics and online applets were cool. Now, they're mere obstacles in the path of getting to information or products. If you're anything like me, when I open a website that starts with a large Flash presentation, I'm hunting for the "Skip Intro" link. Three words for you: Streamline. Streamline. Streamline. If I can't find that "Skip Intro" link in the first 5 to 10 seconds, I'm back to the search results to try a new website.

Also, Flash files will stop search engines from going any further into your page.  This will keep the search engines from reading your keyword rich page content.

Add Testimonials or Success Stories

Very few companies do this and there's no question that testimonials add major credibility for buyers. Ask longtime customers for quotes or permission to post their case histories and their satisfaction with your services.

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Your Thank You page, are you missing an opportunity?

Typically, when your users sign up for your newsletter or fill out your contact form, you send them to a thank you page. Put your thank you page to work! After your text, insert an intriguing offer that will have your customer clicking to find out more. You are in control, you can drive your users to the information you want them to see, and drive up your profit margin at the same time.

Many people put offers from their Affiliates on their Thank You pages.

Search Engine Optimization Tips:

  • Search Engine OptimizationPut descriptive alternate text on all your images.

  • Make sure each page has a page description that accurately describes the content on that page.  If you have a page in your website that sells widgets, the page description needs to say so.  Do not use the same page description on every page.  This is a huge keyword opportunity that you don't want to loose.

  • Use descriptive meta page titles.  This is the title that will show in the browser and on the browser tab.  This is also what will show in search engine results.

    Another Time Designs Search Engine Result

    The blue line at the top is the meta page title, the black line under the page title is the meta page description.  This lets your customers know in advance what is on your page.

  • Use header html tags on you page headers, search engines look for the <h1> tags in your html.