About Another Time Designs

We analyze your content and advise you on the best way to display and navigate it.Another Time Designs has been designing and maintaining websites for over 10 years. We are experienced not just in website design, but also in many of the support services necessary to make your business a success. Click here to find out more about the services we can offer you.

Because we care about Small Business, we strive to keep our prices affordable to ensure your continued success.  It's very important to us to build strong trusting business relationships.

We have many long-term and repeat clients who recommend us to their friends and colleagues.  Find out what our clients have to say about our services.

Below are the philosophies we use when approaching a new website design or redesign project. 

Website Design Philosopjy


We analyze your content and advise you on the best way to display and navigate it.

We also analyze other websites in your industry to make sure your site gives potential clients all the information they're looking for when they visit your site.


In today's business environment, branding is very important.  Your business should be recognizable as you no matter the medium the consumer is looking at, website, business cards, stationary, e-books, packaging, etc.

If your branding has already been established, Another Time Designs will design you website around that concept. 

If you need to establish a corporate brand, Another Time Designs would be glad to partner with you in that process.


The success of your website is in the detail. Do all of your links work? If not, you may be frustrating your potential customers. If a site doesn't function correctly, you may not be putting forth the professional image your business deserves.  

As well as having an eye for design, Another Time Designs is very detail oriented. We can guarantee that every link in your site will work correctly.


If your website is well organized, easy to navigate and visually stimulating, your visitors will stay longer. If you can't hold the attention of your visitors because your site is unorganized or hard to navigate, you'll loose them to your competitors.

We have many years of organizational experience, both in information and processes, and have the ability to translate those skills into websites and logically organize sections and pages.


Many people can develop websites, but few people have true design ability. I can improve the look and functionality of most websites in just a few minutes. By applying simple website standards to your site, page consistency can be improved dramatically.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationDon't pay thousands of dollars to have your current website optimized. Search Engine Optimization is included in the cost of your project with Another Time Designs. The following optimization is completed for each page as part of our design process:

  • Descriptive Browser page titles

  • Header tags on page titles

  • Descriptive meta page descriptions

  • Descriptive alternate text assigned to all images

  • Keyword suggestions for your page content (Meta keywords are no longer effective, search engines are searching your page content to extract keywords for search engine results)

  • Suggestions on how you can get links in to your website to boost your Google page ranking