Custom Facebook Fan  Pages

Custom Facebook Fan  PagesFacebook is currently ranked the #1 Social Network in the US and the 4th most visited site on The Internet.  Just like checking e-mail, users log in to their Facebook accounts several times a day, some keeping it open at all times.

Facebook allows users to Comment, Like and Share any update, link, photo, video etc. that they find on Facebook. This gives you the opportunity to turn your content viral depending on the popularity or interest in the subject.

Facebook offers many ways of interacting with your online prospects and customers and one of the most innovative ways to interact is by creating a Facebook Fan Page.

Another Time Designs Custom Facebook Fan PageFan Pages should be strictly for your online business and all interactions are geared towards your business contacts. Below are some ways to use Facebook Fan Pages to grow your business:

Describe your products and services
Fan Pages give you the opportunity to describe your products and services and give links back to your website.

Interact with current or potential clients
When your fan page starts to gain fans – you are able to communicate with them and market your current or new products and services, giving you great feedback and word of mouth advertising.  Users are able to submit testimonials, post pictures, create and upload video, hold discussions with each other – all supporting the growth of your business.  You can also send updates that appear as notifications directly into your fans' homepages.

Facebook also has a great widget for your Fan Page which can be added to your website or blog. It allows visitors to become a fan of your Fan Page, directly from your website or blog.

Search Engine Optimization
Creating a Fan Page will allow you to raise your search engine ranking. By posting inks to your business’ web pages along with having a Facebook Fan Page with your company name in the title, your business will be receiving a boost in the SEO department.

Announce Events
If you are having a free webinar, contest or give-away, you can announce that event on your fan page creating anticipation for it.

Update your content often
Make sure that you update your content with not just your product and service information, but also with other topics and issues that may be relevant and interesting to your fans.

Weekly Facebook Page Updates
Facebook notifies you weekly of the following:

# Fans this week (# total Fans)
# Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (# last week)
# Visits to your page this week (# Visits last week)

Why should you have a Custom Facebook Fan Page?

The benefits are powerful, and smart.  Control your brand and set yourself apart! Get your brand in front of potentially millions of people, and customers by customizing your Fan Page landing page.  By adding your logo, and website design elements, you keep your branding intact and consistent through all mediums.