Another Time Designs Client Testimonials

Another Time Designs takes great pride in giving our clients excellent customer service.  We strive to serve our client's website update needs within 24 hours. As you can see by the testimonials listed below, our clients really appreciate our speed and attention to detail.

Serenella Leoni, Founder, Toscana Mia

"Virginia Ramirez is a great asset for my team. She is well-versed in all aspects of web design, web maintenance, SEO and much more.

Virginia's talents are complemented by her creative solutions and guidance and by the detail-oriented work she performs. She is precise with her time frame and deadline agreements and extremely professional. Her reasonable pricing makes Virginia tops in her field.

I have used Virginia's talents for publication of articles in the, for editing and formatting of ebooks, for blog posts and for guidance on website marketing. I could not meet deadlines without her help. I highly recommend Virginia."

Serenella Leoni
Founder, Toscana Mia


Susan Harrow, CEO, Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

"Virginia is a godsend. She works fast, efficiently and with little direction. When there is a big project with lots of pressure she gets what's needed done calmly and accurately and she's always there in a pinch. I couldn't do my job without her. She's an excellent team member who cares about doing things well. If you are thinking of hiring a webmistress she's the one."

Susan Harrow, CEO, Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
Get On Oprah
Cosmic Mending Kit


Deanna Bufo Novak, Author & Founder kidsHeritage, Inc.

"Virginia is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is her work extremely well-done, she is professional, courteous, and completes any job I give her in a timely manner, ultimately saving me time and money. I would recommend her to anyone . . . and have done so many times!"

Deanna Bufo Novak
Author & Founder kidsHeritage, Inc.


Brian Hooks. CEO, Barely Native, Coach Covers, Ghost Pepper

"After massive Heritage Web Solutions wasted 3 months of my time and money when they were unable to build me a simple 12 product website, I went to Another Time Designs. Virginia built me a beautiful site that was up and running in 2 weeks! ATD's organization and attention to detail enable me to have a site that truly stands out. I highly recommend them!"

Brian Hooks. CEO
Barely Native
Coach Covers
Ghost Pepper


Beth Devine, Beth Devine Designs

"I am so happy to have found Another Time Designs. Virginia has done a fantastic job maintaining updates to my web site. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with!

Beth Devine
Beth Devine Designs


Dick Davis, Author "The Dick Davis Dividend"

From "The Dick Davis Dividend" Acknowledgments

"Virginia Ramirez, a crackerjack typist, converted 20 writing pads of scribbled longhand into book-ready copy. Her dedication and skills are extraordinary, as was my luck in finding her"

Dick Davis, Author
The Dick Davis Dividend


Helen Burton, Life Coach, Love Yourself Coaching

"If you are looking for someone to create miracles with your website and blog, Virginia is the person to call. She has guided me through the internet marketing process and helped create an outreach program so clients can contact me. Do yourself a favor and have Virginia as part of your team."

Helen Burton, Life Coach
Love Yourself Coaching


"It is with great pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend Virginia Ramirez, Owner of Another Time Designs, as a vendor. From my first conversation with her, I found Virginia very easy to work with, flexible and efficient. In fact, she went to work with me the next day.

After having worked with her now for many months, she has a consistent track record with me and my company Globond, of delivering extraordinary results on time and for a very fair price. Virginia brings flexibility, generosity and integrity to her work and communicates clearly about what she is able to do or not do in the time period requested.

The only reservation I have about submitting this testimonial is that too many people will find out about Virginia's company and she will not be as available to do work for us. But that is a small price to pay for giving well-deserved recognition to a true professional. I am happy to supply further details upon request."

Kirstin Myers,
Tectonic Leadership Summit


Margie Zable Fisher, President Zable Fisher Public Relations

"When I contacted Virginia to re-do my website, I told her that I needed a website that reflected my personality Ė that Iím much more interesting and exciting than my old website ever reflected. Little did I know what she could and would do! She is like an artist who takes all of the information about you and turns your website into a work of art that tells the world who you are! Everyone loves my new website! Iíve recommended Virginia to all my friends and business acquaintances, and Iím still working with her with ebooks, linking, keywords, and 1shoppingcart!!"

Carolyn Bushong, Licensed Professional Counselor
Relationship Therapist
Denver, CO


Margie Zable Fisher, President Zable Fisher Public Relations

"Virginia is an incredible asset to my business, and one that I am thankful for every day. She is reasonably priced, has a quick turnaround and does a great job. I give her my highest recommendation,"

Margie Zable Fisher, President
Zable Fisher Public Relations

WBO Digest


"Because my partner and I started our own business, it's our baby. Therefore we had a clear vision for our website - it is the way customers perceive the brand. Virginia [Another Time] was critical in making that happen. She helped us create a functional website that has the necessary components while still holding onto the look & feel that we wanted. We are thrilled with our website and have increased business from it...the most important aspect when it comes down to it."

Tiny Toes Inc.


"After interviewing about 200 different designers we chose Another Time Designs to redesign our website. We must say that we are extremely happy that we made the choice to go with Another Time Designs as our designers. I can't say enough about what was done and how quickly the designer was able to complete our site. We received much more than we had expected and were incredibly enthused at how much the designer was able to do. The designer went out of her way to find links that could help our site, researched our resort and the area and wrote an Area History Page on her own which we feel added a lot of value to our site. We would easily recommend this company to do any future jobs for ourselves or anyone else in need."

Lůase - a Tropical Resort escape in the Dominican Republic


Ali Kaufman, Space of Mind

"Virginia is a gift from heaven! She is fast, meticulous, reliable, and most importantly, a good listener. She translates my verbal ideas into visual layouts efficiently and effectively. My company is lucky to have her on the team!"

Ali, Kaufman
Space of Mind


"During our search for a Web master who would volunteer his or her time to update and maintain our Web site, Virginia contacted us. After reviewing her credentials and considering other respondents, we selected her to give a fresh look to our original Web site that had been designed for us a number of years ago. Virginia has spent countless hours bringing her creative eye to the project by adding new features and streamlining the information we needed to present in a clean, organized manner. She is a pleasure to work with and understands our mission to reach parents, students, and professionals in a variety of ways to promote and advocate for prevention of alcohol and other drug use."

Karin R. Kyles, 
Connecticut Communities for Drug-Free Youth, Inc.