Website Design Process

Website Design ProcessAnother Time Designs uses the process below to design or redesign websites for our clients. 

This has proven to be a no fail process that organizes your information in a logical manner, making sure that you have comparable content to other companies in your industry.

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Website Design Process


The first step in designing or redesigning your website is analyzing your content and advising you on the best way to display and navigate it.

We also analyze other websites in your industry to make sure your site gives your potential clients all the information they're looking for when they visit your site.

Home Page

Your Home Page should tell your visitors exactly who you are and what you offer, don't make your customers guess. Often, information is found buried inside a site that should be listed on the Home Page.


Once the Home Page is laid out, page templates are created so that the website owner can easily update their own site. Whether you contract your maintenance, or do it yourself, templates are the easiest most cost effective way to make updates and add content.


Good organization and navigation in a website is imperative.

Often during the design process, information is moved to different pages.  Redundant information and pages are eliminated and additional information can be added.

Testing, Testing and more Testing

Your website isn't completed until every link functions and every page is perfectly laid out. Don't forget, the success of any site is in the details.

Feel confident that your customers will not encounter any dead links when using your website. (We don't guarantee links to outside websites.)

ADA Compliancy

I ensure that your site is Level 1, ADA Compliant. Simply, this means that the following guidelines are met so that your website can be used by the vision impaired. 

When a vision impaired customer enters your site, their voice recognition software reads your page. While this is happening, the user is attempting to visualize your page in their mind. If your site is not laid out correctly, it is virtually impossible for these users to navigate your site.

  • All tables are correctly placed on your pages to be recognized by Voice Recognition Software

  • All graphics and images contain relevant alternate text so that they can be read by the Voice Recognition Software

  • All color recommendations are met (the vision impaired, which includes colorblindness, cannot see yellow clearly) 

  • There are no flashing or animated graphics

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationDon't pay thousands of dollars to have your current website optimized. Search Engine Optimization is included in the cost of your project with Another Time Designs. The following optimization is completed for each page as part of our design process:

  • Descriptive browser page titles

  • Header tags on page titles

  • Descriptive meta page descriptions

  • Descriptive alternate text assigned to all images

  • Keyword suggestions for your page content (Meta keywords are no longer effective, search engines are searching your page content to extract keywords for search engine results)

  • Suggestions on how you can get links in to your website to boost your Google page ranking.  The more relevant links in to your site, the more importance your site carries with search engines